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Tips from the Pros: BIPA, friend or foe?

If your company uses employee fingerprint or other biometric recognition technology in any portion of its business operations, then your company is subject to the requirements of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”). “Biometric information” means...

Illinois Freedom to Work Act- Updates

In January of this year, the Illinois Freedom to Work Act 820 ILCS 90/1 (“Act”) was amended. The recent amendment will have an effect on employer’s non-compete and/or non-solicitation agreements with their employees. Notably, the changes to the Act increased the...

Beware of the Impact of the Lien Waiver

Beware the Impact of the Lien Waiver Halloween is approaching next month and along with it, we will all be exposed to very scary things. For a contractor, sometimes there can be nothing scarier than a lien waiver. Our firm was recently involved in a case wherein a...