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Experienced Attorneys To Guide You Through The Probate Process

Probate is the judicial process in which the government determines the value of the estate of a deceased person, declares an executor of the estate, determines beneficiaries and transfers the estate to those beneficiaries. The probate lawyers at Chitkowski Law Offices have years of experience helping individuals and families navigate through the Illinois probate process.

As you might expect, probate is a lengthy and complicated process. The more time someone spends on the probate process, the more expensive it can be. This is why it is so important to have an experienced professional help you with the probate process. The compassionate team at Chitkowski Law Offices can help manage the sometimes emotional and confusing probate process, while you focus on recovering from your loss.

No Probate Case Is Out Of Scope For Chitkowski Law Offices

The firm has experience in serving estates of any size. Whether they are long-term or short-term services, their attorneys have what it takes to settle the probate. They can aid with any type of litigation, such as for:

  • Undue influence
  • Claims by potential heirs
  • Claims by those not named in the will

The firm is capable of defending claims, providing trust litigation as well as managing guardianships for incapacitated persons.

Let Skilled Attorneys Help Navigate Your Probate

Probate processes can be lengthy and confusing, but the right attorney will help you and your family efficiently and effectively resolve disputes that arise from the loss of your loved one. You can rest assured that you will receive the best possible outcome in your case with Chitkowski Law Offices by your side. The firm serves clients throughout the DuPage County area from their Lisle office. Contact them by calling 630-824-4808 to set up an initial consultation with them today.