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Not Every Business Conflict Is Best Resolved Through Litigation

Businesses, closely held corporations and entrepreneurs all face conflict and business disputes at some point in conducting their affairs. Solving these conflicts depends on how willing the disputing parties are to communicate with one another. Fortunately, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides proven methods to efficiently settle differences between businesses and individuals.

Typically, ADR is advantageous because conflicts may be settled in less time than going to court. ADR is less costly than litigation and matters are kept private. There are several distinct methods and processes, and Chitkowski Law Offices is well-versed in these methods to achieve client’s goals for settling disputes outside of court.

Mediation Is One Common Method Of ADR, Arbitration Is Another

The firm can help your business explore the right path for efficiently resolving your business conflicts. Mediation and arbitration are two of the more commonly used methods of ADR in Illinois.

Mediation – An informal, confidential process where parties choose an impartial third party or mediator, trained in the mediation process. The mediator meets with both parties separately then guides the discussion between the parties so they can reach their own mutually agreeable solution. Their agreement is nonbinding, which means if they are unable to satisfactorily resolve their dispute, they have a right to proceed to arbitration or litigation.

Arbitration – In arbitration, the parties present their arguments and supporting facts privately to an arbitration panel for review. After hearing from both parties, the arbitrator, or arbitration panel, will issue a binding decision to finalize the matter. It is less formal than litigation in court. The arbitration process does not include a judge or a jury. The parties retain their right to litigate if the outcome is unsatisfactory.

Arbitrators And Mediators Do Not Give Legal Advice To The Parties Involved

An important distinction to keep in mind as you consider options to keep your dispute private is that choosing ADR on your own may mean not having the counsel and advice of seasoned business law and commercial litigation attorneys. At Chitkowski Law Offices, the attorneys discuss all your options to customize your best resolution to the needs you have, including generally less common ADR methods such as a collaborative law process and pretrial settlement conferences.

Discuss Your Options For Settling Business Disputes Without Going To Court

Your time is valuable. So is your privacy. Safeguard both by learning more about alternative dispute resolution methods from business law and commercial litigation attorneys who understand how to help your business succeed. The firm’s lawyers provide sophisticated representation centered around your specific needs. Email or call the firm in DuPage County at 630-824-4808 to learn more.