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Protecting Your Exclusive Designs And Trade Secrets With Experienced IP Litigation

Businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals invest time and significant resources to create a niche in specific industries. Your business logo distinguishes the quality of your business in today’s competitive marketplace. Competition is fierce regardless of your industry. Guarding your specific use of the latest available technology, new technological devices or systems, procedures for creating products or software programs – and logo – is crucial to the success of your business.

Your competition, such as other businesses or former employees, can edge out your advantage by infringing on your intellectual property. Chitkowski Law Offices provides cutting-edge intellectual property litigation for clients seeking to protect their intellectual property, including:

  • Distinct machinery or equipment
  • Practice methods
  • Ingredients
  • Software
  • Written documents
  • Logos
  • Original artwork

Whether you need experienced defense for allegations of intellectual property infringement or other methods to protect your IP, the firm can help you.

Intellectual Property Matters Can Lead To Complex Disputes

Federal and Illinois state laws govern intellectual property rights. Misappropriation of your patent, copyright or trade secrets sets the unique success of your business at risk. Federal statutes, including the Patent Act and Lanham Act, provide remedies for infringement, such as a temporary restraining order or an injunction. However, these are complex processes. Working with an experienced intellectual property law attorney is essential.

The attorneys at Chitkowski Law Offices have the knowledge and skill you need for achieving the optimal results for your dispute involving:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trade secret misuse
  • Trademark infringement
  • Patent infringement
  • Trademark registration

The firm’s track record of successful results for clients is achieved through their personalized attention to the details, negotiation, arbitration and in the courtroom.

Reach Out To Chitkowski Law Offices For A Timely Response

Time is of the essence. Protect your distinctive IP. The firm understands the urgency regarding IP infringement and stands ready to help you achieve your goals. The firm’s team of IP lawyers provide the sophisticated representation for clients who want to safeguard their valuable IP assets. Call Chitkowski Law Offices at 630-824-4808 to schedule an appointment to discuss your commercial litigation needs. You may also email the firm in DuPage County.