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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Let’s state the obvious; no one WANTS to call an attorney but when you HAVE to call an attorney you want the very best fighting on your behalf.

We not only wanted the very best but also needed an attorney who would understand our situation with compassion while remaining objective, one who would professionally represent us on all fronts.

We needed an attorney who was sharp and aggressive but not pretentious. We needed an attorney who would listen to us, affirm us and see our true selves when our best display of character was hidden behind the walls the stress and chaos. We needed an attorney we could trust and one that would go above and beyond. We needed an attorney who would do what he said he would do. We hired Chitkowski Law Offices; they were the best decision we made!”

— Anonymous


“I have worked with Chitkowski Law for over 25 years. I can never remember a time when my best interests have not been served. We have negotiated fair contracts mitigating our risk against large GC’s.

We have settled cases when we needed to… and fought them when we wanted to. Always with a positive outcome. Sound advice and no surprises is what you want from a business partner and that is exactly what Chitkowski Law Offices has delivered time and time again.”

— Client