Mechanic's Lien Attorneys

photoMechanic's liens and bond claims are some of the most common — and complicated — issues that arise in construction disputes. Most commonly, contractors file liens or bond claims based on withholding of payment, generally for services rendered, equipment or materials. These often result from delays or nonpayment issues.

In the event that an owner tries to proceed with construction, refinancing or sales, it will be necessary to discharge the lien or bond as it will act as a cloud on the title. Additionally, in the case of public works projects, a government agency may require a bond be furnished prior to the start of a project to ensure that all payments will be made when a project is completed.

Drafting, filing and discharging bonds and liens can be immensely complicated, and require a procedural knowledge and attention to detail that many firms cannot provide.

Construction law is a core practice areas at Chitkowski Law Offices. This enables the firm to address preparation, recording and foreclosure upon mechanic's liens and bond claims on both private and public construction projects in the most efficient and effective way. The attorneys have cultivated an expertise in working with and pursuing remedies afforded to developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in the Illinois Mechanic's Lien Act, the Illinois Public Construction Bond Act, The Illinois Prompt Payment Act and the Federal Miller Act.

The firm is able to work on private and public works issues, as well as address Miller Act claims.

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